Reading with Rory Gilmore

When I was in college, my roommate and I were obsessed with Gilmore Girls. We borrowed seasons on DVD from the library and rewarded ourselves with episodes when we were done studying for finals. (Or, in my case, in the middle of studying for finals.) I still love rewatching episodes–the writing is quippy, the characters are quirky, and I like spending time in Stars Hollow.

Another reason I love Gilmore Girls–Rory’s a bookworm. I can’t think of many other shows in which the main character carries a book with her everywhere and deeply cares about her academics. As a pretty nerdy high schooler, this hit home.

So of course I love Rory’s Book Club, which lists all the books Rory read/referenced on the show. Or maybe more? There are a lot of books listed. Kind of want to go back through my DVDs and see how many books I can spot.

If you’re looking for some good movies or music, that’s around too. A girl can’t live by books alone (no matter how much we’d like to).

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  1. Brynn says:

    I rewarded myself with episodes in grad school with episodes after a full day of work and three evening classes, so I totally follow! I loved that she’s bookish, but also love the banter and the quick back and forth between women who know one another well. Also, the crazy small town stuff, I re-watch these days and think, “This is my life!”

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