Update #6: 48 Hour Book Challenge

I managed to fit (most of) one final book in during the 48 Hour Book Challenge. I got to 8pm (exactly 48 hours in) and was still about a hundred and fifty pages away from the end of my final book and couldn’t stop (SO GOOD) so I’m throwing a little in as extra credit. Onto the stats!

photoUpdate #6:

  • 2.25 minutes reading time (13.75 total hours read)
  • 265 pages read (1599 pages read)
  • 1 cup of tea (3 cups total)
  • Extra credit: 1.25 hours reading time, 154 pages read

The Books

Review #7: Oh my gosh, guys. Jellicoe Road. This one has been on my shelves for a while and why didn’t I read this sooner? Seriously, it gave me all the feels. The writing is gorgeous, the characters are compelling, and everything weaves together beautifully. There were so many small moments and images that made me tear up–Fitz climbing the tree over and over again, Narnie explaining why she couldn’t move in the car, learning how Taylor chose her name. It’s a beautiful book and one that I want to immediately go back and reread. It’s full of sadness and hope and love, and I think this was the perfect book to end the #48HBC on.

It’s getting late so I’ll do a real summary of the challenge tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m going to sit here and feel and the feelings.

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