Update #2: 48 Hour Book Challenge

photo-1A little reading this morning, followed by brunch (you need coffee and biscuits for a book challenge, right?), followed by more reading. I managed to finish the second of the books I was in the middle of. Onto the stats!

Update #2

  • 1.5 hours reading time (4.5 hours total)
  • 136 pages read (501 pages total)
  • 0 cups tea consumed (2 cups total)

The Books

Review #2: I had already been about two-thirds of the way through Tell the Wolves I’m Home when I picked it up again for #48HBC. It was one of this year’s Alex Award winners, and I can see why–June’s a rich and compelling narrator, who’s navigating adulthood in the middle of losing her favorite person in the world, her uncle Finn. I remember feeling a lot like June at that age, as she feels like part of her is slipping away when she has a harder time pretending she’s in the middle ages. I was also really impressed by the character of Greta, her sister, whom I expected to just be the kind of obnoxious, wordly older sister. Instead, Greta is a complex character who desperately wants to connect with her younger sister and doesn’t quite know how. Overall, an excellent look at love and grief and jealousy and reconciliation. It’s beautifully written and quiet, which is the kind of book I’m drawn toward.

5 thoughts on “Update #2: 48 Hour Book Challenge

  1. pookapicks says:

    I really enjoyed “Tell the Wolves I’m Home”, too. I remember crying – a lot – and being thankful that it wasn’t something I’d attempted to read in public. Speaking of beautiful and quiet, have you read “Vanishing Act” by Mette Jakobsen? It definitely fits that description. I read it before I started blogging so I can’t direct you to a full review, but I absolutely recommend it.

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