Friday Fifteen

Hey guys, it’s finally Friday! Time for some book reviews in fifteen words or less.

1. Rapunzel’s Revenge by Shannon Hale, Nathan Hale, and Dean Hale
A fun wild-west take on the fairy tale. Can see this working for reluctant readers.

2. Daughters of Eve by Lois Duncan
At thirteen I had mixed feelings about this feminist-cult book; felt very dated.

3. Faulkner in the University ed. Frederick L. Gwynn, introduction by Douglas Day
Read The Sound and the Fury, matriculating at UVA. Of course I snatched this up.

4. Stone Soup by Marcia Brown
Or “How to Host a Dinner Party Without Having to Cook.” Our 2nd grade play.

5. The Older Boy (Sweet Valley #15) by Francine Pascal
You’re sixteen and think a sixth grader looks like an average high school girl? Riiiight.

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