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2953428679_4a92931ba4_oAh, the coffees shop–a writer’s home away from home. Any place that provides me with hot coffee, a comfy chair, and maybe a scone gets my writerly vote. If you’re looking for a good coffee shop, check out this list of the 50 best college coffee shops in America. I was really happy to see three of my favorites on the list:

  • I first came across the Mudhouse in Charlottesville, VA when I was at Young Writers Workshop. Having an iced cappuccino with my writing class made me feel so hip. Trident.
  • Espresso Royale was one of my favorite writing haunts when I was in grad school and working on my thesis. Their bagel sandwiches are fantastic.
  • I think of Trident Booksellers and Cafe as way more than a coffee shop. Books for browsing, free wi-fi, and sweet potato fries–what more could you want?

Check out the whole list to see if your favorite is represented. If not, share it in the comments!

(image: Doug88888)(H/T Stephanie Marie)

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