Traditional and Self-Publishing: It’s All Okay, Guys

Fellow 2014 debut author and all-around awesome person Livia Blackburne has a great post up about why she chose the traditional publishing path instead of self-publishing. Her reasons for going the traditional route are pretty similar to mine–working with an established house and their team of talented editors/designers, etc; more potential to connect with readers without having to do all the legwork yourself; brand recognition. Livia also looks at why people might choose to self-publish, like having total control and a higher profit per book.

What I like most about Livia’s post is that she gives credence to both sides. So often, the discussion about traditional and self-publishing ends up being a shouting match between which path is better. Why do we need to divide into teams? Sometimes your career and book work better with what traditional publishing can provide. Some people benefit more from driving their own book path.

So far, I’m really happy with the traditional publishing experience. My editor is amazing and the depth of my work has grown based on her comments. And I’m really excited to work more with the other members of the team. But I think the book industry is opening up more toward self-publishing, and that’s going to continue to be a great option for writers.

Make sure to check out Livia’s full post. She lays it out way better than I could.

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