Get Your Costume Ready

Tomorrow is Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays. At the beginning of the month I like to break out spooky songs like the Ghostbusters song, “Werewolves of London,” and “Thriller.” And how many other holidays let you eat candy and dress in costume? So awesome!

My costuming occurred on Saturday, when I went as Maru the cat (my favorite internet cat). I also got to thinking about fictional characters who’ve dressed up for Halloween. Two I could think of were Scout Finch as a ham in To Kill a Mockingbird and Molly McIntire as a hula dancer in Meet Molly. Any others to add to this list?

In case you still need inspiration for your own costume, here are lots of TV characters dressed up for Halloween:

My favorite is the Buffy crew, of course. Feel free to share your favorite Halloween costume ideas (from your life or fiction) in the comments!

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