Friday Fifteen

Welcome back, Friday Fifteen fans! Onto the fifteen-word reviews:

1) Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare
Previously classified as a comedy, now considered a problem play. Sex comedy gets unusually creepy.

2) Karen’s in Love (Baby-Sitters Little Sister #15) by Ann M. Martin
Do kids really marry each other during recess? Also, Karen?

3) The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman
Second book in His Dark Materials series introduces Will and reality as we know it.

4) The Ugly Duckling: The Talking Mother Goose Fairy Tales by Worlds of Wonder
This came with the Talking Mother Goose toy. It was awesome.

5) Signing Naturally, Level 2 (Book & VHS Tape) by Ken Mikos, Cheri Smith, and Ella Mae Lentz
Used in second year ASL class. It came with a VHS. I feel ancient now.

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