Fashion Meets Function for Writers

When I was in eighth grade, I went to Montreal on a class trip. While I was there, I  got a necklace–a simple chain with a book charm. It was really cheap, but the book opened so I was infatuated. “That’s perfect for you!” my friend said. I quickly parted with a few Canadian bills. Now I had a necklace that showed off how much of a writer I was. The world would know!

Obviously I’m still not quite over that, because I dig these book necklaces by Peg and Awl.

I love the red tie around this one. Plus you can actually write in the pages–just in case a story idea strikes and your regular notebook is elsewhere.

(image: Peg and Awl)

0 thoughts on “Fashion Meets Function for Writers

  1. Jill says:

    My sister got me one of these as a gift for being in her wedding! My book is purple with a yellow tie, because those are going to be my wedding colors. 🙂 I happen to be wearing it today!

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