Fashion Meets Function for Writers

When I was in eighth grade, I went to Montreal on a class trip. While I was there, I  got a necklace–a simple chain with a book charm. It was really cheap, but the book opened so I was infatuated. “That’s perfect for you!” my friend said. I quickly parted with a few Canadian bills. Now I had a necklace that showed off how much of a writer I was. The world would know!

Obviously I’m still not quite over that, because I dig these book necklaces by Peg and Awl.

I love the red tie around this one. Plus you can actually write in the pages–just in case a story idea strikes and your regular notebook is elsewhere.

(image: Peg and Awl)

Taking Note

One of my writerly goals is to keep a notebook with me on a regular basis. A lot of times I end up leaving it at home and thinking “I need to write down this later!” and forgetting. Fortunately, Gems has a roundup of notebooks that are too pretty to leave at home. A couple of my favorites:

narwhal bee land notebook by beethings

notebooks by craftyFOLK

I tend to think of notebooks as a fairly personal choice. It’s got to have the right feel and look. Some people only go for legal pads or the composition books. Others swear by Moleskines. I tend to like something with a little personality, and I like to change it up so that my next notebook doesn’t look identical to my last.

Do you have any notebook requirements?

Be the Cool Kid at the Coffee Shop: Make Your Own Notebook

I’m pretty picky about my writing notebooks. In Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg advocates for cheap, drugstore notebooks to alleviate the pressure of having to write something grand, but I like having a little big of style in my notebooks. If you want to jazz up a plain notebook, A Beautiful Mess has a create tutorial for making a lace patterned notebook.

Wouldn’t that be a cool notebook to pull out of your bag at a coffee shop? I’m already feeling the writerly inspiration.

(image: Elise Larson/A Beautiful Mess)