Taking Note

One of my writerly goals is to keep a notebook with me on a regular basis. A lot of times I end up leaving it at home and thinking “I need to write down this later!” and forgetting. Fortunately, Gems has a roundup of notebooks that are too pretty to leave at home. A couple of my favorites:

narwhal bee land notebook by beethings

notebooks by craftyFOLK

I tend to think of notebooks as a fairly personal choice. It’s got to have the right feel and look. Some people only go for legal pads or the composition books. Others swear by Moleskines. I tend to like something with a little personality, and I like to change it up so that my next notebook doesn’t look identical to my last.

Do you have any notebook requirements?

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  1. Zen says:

    Those are such pretty notebooks! I’m like you; my notebooks need to have personality. I like ones that have elaborate or cute designs because they actually make me want to write in them, haha.

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