Get Going, Take Notes

Check out this fun list of writing tips from Liz Kessler. One of them:

Tip 1: Get out from behind your desk
If all you have in front of you is a computer screen, you’ll never find the inspiration you need. Get out in the world. Go for a walk in a wood, along a beach or even just round the block. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll always see something interesting. And make sure you have a notebook with you. (Buying new notebooks is half the fun of being a writer.) Even the best idea in the world can be forgotten if you’re not careful. Think of your notebook as a net to catch your ideas in, so there’s no danger of them slipping away. I’m not suggesting you write an entire novel while you’re sitting on a park bench – but if you jot down the essential ideas as they come to you, you’ll have a starting point when you get home and get down to work.

I actually really like running without music because a lot of times I end up thinking about a story I’m working on. You never know what can come up if you’re letting your mind wander without lots of other distractions.

Also, I used to be really good about keeping a notebook, but in the last few years I’ve let this lag. Liz has inspired me to get back on it. Who knows what I’ve lost by this point?!

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