Fifty First Lines, Part 2

I took part in the Accidental Novelist’s 50 First Lines Challenge, which was really fun. (It’s a great exercise on its own; seriously, try it!) Now it’s onto Round 2–and you can participate! The very brief details:

“If you did NOT enter the first round, your job is to write 5 First Paragraphs using the WINNING First Lines above. ONLY SUBMIT YOUR TOP THREE.”

For more on how and what to submit, check out the full post. At the very least, you get to do a fun writing exercise, and maybe you’ll have internet bragging rights at the end of it. So get writing, everybody!

0 thoughts on “Fifty First Lines, Part 2

  1. The Accidental Novelist says:

    I was thinking maybe I should have given the option of being able to use your own top 5 or any of the other top 5. As a matter of fact, if you do that, it would be fine. Even I’M inspired to write a few paragraphs from those lines.

    I also really loved the one about the grandmother not believing men had landed on the moon.

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