A Book is a Gift that Keeps on Giving

One of my favorite bookstores is Brookline Booksmith, which is a short walk from my apartment. (Hurray!) On their blog today, Emily talks about how the best books are given from the heart. They create an intimate connection between the giver and the receiver–the giver wants to share something personal they felt, or wants the receiver to experience a similar joy, etc. Gifts, and books in particular, are personal.

Her post reminded me of my friend Akshay who always give books to friends–not just on their birthday, or because they did something gift-worthy, just because he thinks that person will enjoy the book. Sometimes the books are new; sometimes they’re his old copy. He doesn’t make a big show about it or expect anything in return. He’s a very generous book-giver. I think it would be great if more people swapped books with the same enthusiasm. Maybe that’ll be my resolution this year. (After losing not one but two copies of The Princess Bride, I have a tendency to hoard my books.)

What kinds of books do you give away, and to whom?

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