Dear Ms. Cleary

From an interview with children’s book legend Beverly Cleary:

Your website says that you are still writing–is there anything ahead that we should be looking for? A third volume of your memoirs, perhaps?

No, I don’t plan to publish any more. After all, I’m 95. I hope children will be happy with the books I’ve written, and go on to be readers all of their lives.

I think that’s such a lovely sentiment, and I’m sure many fans of Cleary’s work have gone on to be lifelong readers. That’s one of the reasons I love children’s literature and YA. These books touch you at such a special time in your life and can propel you on the path to reading for decades to come.

0 thoughts on “Dear Ms. Cleary

  1. Cassie says:

    I completely agree with you. I love how she isn’t trying to quickly produce more work just for the sake of it and she’s just accepting all of the things she’s already accomplished. That’s wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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