You Are What You Write

Fictional books are awesome. Reading about a character reading a novel that doesn’t exist is like literary inception. (Minus Leonardo DiCaprio.)

So of course I dig Warren Lehrer’s visual novel, A Life in Books: the Rise and Fall of Bleu Mobley. Lehrer has created the covers/some content of 101 fake novels by character Mobley–quite a task. The books develop the life story of Mobley and allow for an engaging look at book design. About the project, Lehrer says:

I decided I wanted to get at this kind of panoramic view of the world in a different, more evocative and fun way, by writing a novel about one man’s use of books and storytelling as a means of understanding himself, the people around him, and a half century of American/global culture.”

It’s kind like “you are what you read,” except in Lehrer’s novel “you are what you write.” I’ve included an image of one of Mobley’s books here, but there are a ton of others in the original article. Make sure to click through and see the rest.


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