(No) Spoiler Alert

John Green is one of the biggest YA authors currently writing. So the fact that Barnes & Noble accidentally shipped pre-ordered copies of his upcoming book, The Fault in Our Stars, is a pretty big deal. But I appreciated John’s response:

“I’m disappointed about this, but as my brother reminded me this morning, I am very, very lucky. I have the best readers in the world, readers who care not only about my books but also about each other. So thank you, in advance, for not sharing spoilers—whether you read The Fault in Our Stars before or after January 10th.”

Nerdfighters are a very cool group, and I’m confident the majority of early receivers would not think of spoiling the book for the others. There will always be some obnoxious people who want to take advantage of a situation like this, but I think most readers would enjoy getting the early copy and let others experience the joy of getting theirs. I know I’m looking forward to picking up this one!

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