By the Numbers

There has to be a zillion “Best of 2011” lists before the end of the year. Best movies, best photographs, best internet memes (cats!). The world of YA literature is certainly no exception to this rule. Fortunately, over at The Hub, Kelly Jensen has done the hard work for us and put together a few comparative charts for all the big “Best of”lists. A couple of points I thought were interesting:

  • 25% of authors listed were debut authors. Nice job, guys!
  • Almost 70% of books listed only appeared on one list. So not a huge amount of list repetition. I see this as a good thing–it gets more titles and authors out there to potential readers.
  • Contemporary fiction held 33% of the lists. In an era when people say it’s all vampires and dystopian landscapes, it’s nice to see realistic books hold their own.

There’s a lot of great info, so I’d suggest going through it yourself. Any surprises? What’s on your “Best of 2011” list?


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