The First Review Happy Dance

My first big review came today, and I am so excited to announce that The Chance You Won’t Return got a starred review from Kirkus. Happy dance time!

I was so so nervous about reviews starting to come in, and having this one lead the way is so exciting. I was so glad that the reviewer mentioned that the novel includes “a character with a mental disorder who never loses her humanity or becomes a caricature.” That was so important to me in the writing of the book and I’m so glad to see that came through for this reader.

Click through to read the full review. And one more happy dance for the road!

10 thoughts on “The First Review Happy Dance

  1. Sarah Combs says:

    YAY!!!! Richly deserved, indeed! I’m happy dancing right along with you, Annie, and cannot say how absolutely thrilled I am for you. Such great things ahead for you and your unforgettable book…I just know it! XOXOXO

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