Same Annie, New Look

This weekend I finally got around to updating my site, and I’m really digging it so far. A few changes:

  • An updated About section, including links to interviews and more general info about me. (Do I like nail polish? Secrets revealed!)
  • A Books page, aka your one stop-shop for info on The Chance You Won’t Return.
  • The Blog is its own page now, which I think makes things a little cleaner.

Hope you enjoy all the new content! Let me know if things look weird or if links aren’t working. And don’t worry–even though the site has a shiny new look, you can still expect all the same fun bookish content you know and (hopefully) enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Same Annie, New Look

  1. colleenmhughes says:

    Just saw this post, a month late. I love the redesign though! It’s so cute. 🙂 I need to learn how to make my text more fun because mine has been driving me crazy. For now though I’m settling for just organizing my play titles into a table (right after I type this comment) because I can do that in html and don’t need to learn how to play with CSS just yet. The one long column has been annoying me for far too long.

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