Every Bean Matters

Not exactly writing related, but a lovely video by Ze Frank featuring a whole lot of jelly beans:

Of course this reminded me of Our Town and Mrs. Dalloway (because everything reminds me of Our Town and Mrs. Dalloway). Our lives are filled with all of these seemingly insignificant jelly bean moments. Make each jelly bean count–not necessarily by climbing Mount Everest or saving orphans from fire (okay, at least call 911)–but by appreciating and recognizing each bean. We only have so many beans and we need to appreciate them while we can.

This week, let’s try to acknowledge and appreciate our beans as much as possible.

4 thoughts on “Every Bean Matters

  1. Chas Spain says:

    I could do with a jelly bean a day. Quite sobering to see the amount of ‘free’ time left to us (And to think that might be based on man time, which means women might have even less given the time demanded of carers …)

  2. marydpierce says:

    Cool beans! Great video. @Chas – if you consider that some of those beans you are using for cooking, household chores, civic responsibilities, caring for pets, loved ones, etc., you are also laughing and listening to music and feeling love and a closeness to someone/something beyond ourselves, it is not so sobering at all. Even the amount of beans that are being used for sleep are also spent dreaming. I love dreaming.

    I also love this video, Annie, so THANKS!

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