NESCBWI: A Gif Interpretation, Part I

Ways you can tell it’s spring in New England–the trees are in bloom; you’ve sent your wool coat to the back of your closet; and you’re headed to Springfield, MA for the annual NESCBWI conference!

Last year was my first NESCBWI conference, and it went super well. I listened to awesome speeches, took part in cool workshops, and (best of all) met my amazing critique group. I’m excited to go back this year, knowing a bunch more people from real life and the online kidlit universe.

I’ve done some “conference advice” posts before, so instead of rehashing that advice, let’s go through the emotional scope of NESCBWI via my favorite method of communication–the gif.

How you feel as a newbie:

How you also feel as a newbie:

How you feel going your second/third/forty-fifth year:

Trying to figure out which room you need to be in for your first session:

When a totally famous author makes eye contact with you during the keynote:

When someone asks a question that is only related to their very specific experience and benefits no one else:

When someone asks a good, thoughtful question that will benefit everyone:

Getting retweeted by other conference attendees:

Your attitude towards coffee:

During a query/manuscript critique with your dream agent:

Meeting a someone you know from #kidlit/#yalit in person:

When you see an illustrator’s business card:

When someone gives a really moving and inspiring keynote/workshop/panel:

When we all talk about how wonderful and important it is to create books for children and teens:

More conference gif fun continues with Part II tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “NESCBWI: A Gif Interpretation, Part I

  1. Sky Sairyou says:

    These are hilarious! I love the one with Chloë Moretz. Actually, I love all of them lol. Thanks for compiling and sharing (how did you find them??).

    Have fun! 🙂

  2. hannahkarena says:

    I’m going to the NJSCBWI conference this summer (June 7/8th) and I’m so excited! I’ve only been to small local SCBWI events before. Lauren Oliver is going to be the keynote speaker! [happy dance]

  3. kathalsey says:

    Genius way to give an conference overview. My fav is the illustrator box card! Hope to meet you there. year1 for me, but been to SCBWI lA 2013 and lots of school library events.

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