The Fourteenery: Fourteen 2014 Debut YA Authors in One Awesome Place

avatar_d1fc23efc31c_128One of the cool things about the YA/children’s lit world is the strong sense of community. Overall, people want to help each other and connect over this common bond of writing for young readers. This can be especially helpful for debut authors just starting to navigate the publishing world and all that entails.

I was lucky enough to join one particular 2014 debut author group–the Fourteenery. We’re a group of fourteen 2014 debut YA authors who’ve bonded over our love of YA lit, Lucille Bluth gifs, and hilariously bad fake book blurbs. From the Fourteenery About page:

14 perfect lines in every Shakespearean sonnet,
14 lazy days in every fortnight,
14 racing horses in every Preakness and Belmont Stakes,

…there are 14 amazing, crazy ridiculous, insanely entertaining 2014 debut YA authors in THE FOURTEENERY, your 100% fresh, not-from-concentrate source for witty, wildly bookish fun.

Yes, there will be interactive Q&A and mega-giveaways and flash fiction, but The Fourteenery is so much more than a debut group.

It’s a gang of 14 friends plus YOU.

When I was first invited to join this group, I had no idea how awesome it would be. Although techincally the Fourteenery just launched, we’ve been a group for almost a year and I freakin’ love these ladies. They’re all so smart, so funny, so talented, and so good at de-stressing everyone. Once, an email thread made me laugh so hard I had to walk away from my computer.

We’re officially live on Tumblr, so make sure to follow us for insights into the publishing process, giveaways, gifs, fandom,, fiction, and more. Trust me–these are some of the coolest, most fun authors around. You want to get to know them.

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