A Place for Lewis in Poets’ Corner

Coming in 2013, C.S. Lewis is to join fellow British writers in Westminster Abbey’s Poets’ Corner:

“Vernon White, Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey, said Lewis was an “extraordinarily imaginative and rigorous thinker and writer…[Lewis] was able to convey the Christian faith in a way that made it both credible and attractive to a wide range of people…[He] had an enduring and growing influence in our national life”.”

Based on this list of writers memorialized in Westminster Abbey, the only other children’s author I can find is Lewis Carroll. I’m curious to see if any others will follow Lewis, or if Westminster Abbey will include Lewis’s friend and writing buddy, J.R.R. Tolkien. Whatever happens, I’m glad to see Lewis recognized for his contributions to literature and British life.

(image: Wikipedia)

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