Stacks of Books and a Mug of Tea

This weekend, I was talking with some friends about how important it is to have a variety of mugs on hand. Some days you might want the small, diner-style mug; others require the big mug with the Christmas design. My philosophy: the more mug options, the better. I might have to add this Matilda mug to my collection:

Find your favorite Roald Dahl character on this collection from McLaggan Smith Mugs.

(via A Cup of Jo)

4 thoughts on “Stacks of Books and a Mug of Tea

  1. Keri Peardon says:

    Hmm, I only have one mug that I use at work for my green tea. It’s about twice the size of a regular coffee mug (that’s why I like it so well) and it has the evil queen from “Snow White” on it. (In my defense, I won it in a contest, but it has amused people who have seen me drinking from it.)

  2. Writer / Mummy says:

    This post made me smile. I have a vast collection of mugs that I have inherited or the kids have given me for Mother’s Day and birthdays. They are ranked in order of priority depending on which one is clean. I get very grumpy if my husband makes his coffee in one of my mugs and gives me my tea in something inferior! My favourite mug is a Boffle My Mug given to me by my kids. I also have a Laurence Llewelyn Bowen mug from John Lewis that was given to me as a gift that I keep in its box and only bring out when I’m painting abstracts and drinking real coffee. Am I a bit nuts?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    This is oddly true… I just moved countries and I feel almost as lost without my mugs as I would without my books. My favorite mug, which is in a box somewhere at my mom’s, has the name of some podunk town near where I went on a disastrous camping trip with my 3 best friends in college… oh, the memories. I want to get a mug with my favorite bookstore’s logo but I felt ridiculous spending more on the mug than on my books!

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