Authors on Higher Education: What’s Worth It?


Apparently it’s “YA Authors Talk About Higher Education and How It Affects Your Finances” week. First up, John Green looks at whether college is worth it or not.

On the graduate degree side, Laurie Halse Anderson looks at the MFA and if that’s worth it.

As someone who attended both, I had a great academic experience, and I can certainly say that my career was furthered because of my education. But I’d also say that this isn’t the right path for everyone, or the only path available. College and grad school can be absurdly expensive and there are major problems in academia. Still, like John says, the opportunity to learn lots of things is awesome. It really comes down to who you are and what you want out of your education.

(image: Rex Hammock)

3 thoughts on “Authors on Higher Education: What’s Worth It?

  1. hannahkarena says:

    This is funny. I’ve been writing my own post on the topic this week and was going to publish it today. Just something I’ve been thinking about for awhile, hadn’t stumbled across either of these articles yet. Thanks!

  2. Mary Madsen says:

    I don’t think college is necessary for everyone. It all depends on who you are and what you want to do as far as your career goes. Education is definitely more expensive these days, but I still don’t think you’ll ever go wrong with paying for a good education.

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