You Write What You Eat

Writing requires sustenance–sometimes weird sustenance. Check out Wendy MacNaughton’s illustrations of famous writers’ favorite snacks. I’m all in favor of Emily Dickinson’s homemade bread (we could swap recipes), but I’m not sure I can get behind Fitzgerald’s canned meat.

I try to limit the snacks during actual writing time. Otherwise it’s an excuse for me to not be working. But when I am munching, I tend to go for almonds or dried mango from Trader Joe’s, and a steady flow of water and coffee.

Do you have any favorite writing snacks?

(image: Wendy MacNaughton)(via the Kitchn)


0 thoughts on “You Write What You Eat

  1. averyfrost93 says:

    I’ll have to give that book a look! It sounds interesting 😀

    I get what you’re saying about certain snacks bogging down your writing time, so I try to limit mine to a small one, or something I can eat/drink one-handed.

  2. shadowoperator says:

    Actually, I find all I take while I’m writing is some form of (very strong) coffee with sweetener and unsweetened soy milk. It’s what I eat while I READ that does it to me (some of the worst offenders–chips, Cheetos, etc.!)

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