The Joy in Writing

I love this post by LimebirdKate (aka 4amWriter) about what to do when you’re in a writing funk. One part I like in particular:

Writing is joyful – This must be the foremost reason I write. When I return to my writing, it can’t be because I have a deadline to meet, nor can it be about publication. It has to be because I love to create worlds. Once, when I spent about 5 years away from writing it was because I put too much pressure on myself. I didn’t think I was good enough. With that ridiculousness behind me, now I make sure that I write purely for myself—this is separate from any writing that I share with others. I never consider them for publication; I only write them for me. And I tend to them several times a week. Like cultivating a secret garden.”

I think “joyful” is the perfect word to use here. Even if writing involves work and focus, it should still raise your spirits in some way. When I’m having a hard time with a particular scene or story, I remind myself that, when I was younger, writing was something I did for fun. Of course I had ideas of being a famous published author at age 13, but for the most part I knew that these were stories I’d keep private. I wrote because I loved doing it; writing was like a game. Now, I try to remind myself that even though I consider writing a career, part of it should still be fun. Somehow that helps take the pressure off.

Make sure to click through for the rest of LimebirdKate’s fantastic suggestions. Do you have any particular tips or tricks to get back into the writing groove?

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  1. limebirdkate says:

    Thank you so much for the mention, Annie. You’re right–when we keep it about our joy and the fun of it all, then the pressure to perform is lessened.

    Have a great day!

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