Fund a Summer of Theater

Myths. Monsters. Secrets. Serial Killers. If any of that sounds interesting to you, you should check out Sideshow Theatre Company’s Summer of Theater, in which they will produce two fantastic shows: The Gacy Play and Idomeneus. But it takes a lot to produce one show, let alone two. Enter the Sideshow Summer of Theater Kickstarter Campaign!

I can personally vouch for Sideshow’s awesomeness. They’ve been putting on compelling shows for the last five years and helping young artists find their voice in the Chicago area. By pledging, you’re helping a vibrant arts organization. Plus the literary manager is pretty cute.

And if you’re in the Chicago area (or planning to be) make sure to check out these shows once they’re up and running. Going to see indie theater makes you feel like one of the cool kids.

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