A Big Year for Epic Book Adaptations

Like pretty much everyone else in the YA world, I saw The Hunger Games this weekend, and I was very satisfied by the adaptation. Overall I think they edited well in terms of what they could/couldn’t add into the movie (even if it got a little exposition-heavy at times; tracker jackers, anyone?). The performances were all fantastic. I’d been hesitant about Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss just because she looked older than I’d imagined Katniss to be, but she was fantastic. Lots of the more minor characters were excellent, too. (Rue destroyed me!) I’m very excited to see upcoming versions of Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

Another big movie adaptation coming up this year is The Hobbit, which is set to be released in December. The trailer for this one looks great, so hopefully it’s going to be an excellent year for book adaptations.

If you’re so excited about these movies you just want to squish them together into one giant epic, check out this fun quiz, which examines your knowledge of quotes from The Hunger Games and Lord of the Rings. Probably not too hard for fans, but I like getting validated for my knowledge of movie/book trivia.

Your thoughts on The Hunger Games or The Hobbit adaptations?

0 thoughts on “A Big Year for Epic Book Adaptations

  1. Francesca Zelnick says:

    I FINALLY got around to reading The Hunger Games on Saturday, and literally could not put it down. I read it cover to cover in one sitting and now am DESPERATE to see the movie. I’ve heard good things! Even knowing the actors after seeing the trailer and before reading, I couldn’t quite picture them as the same characters. Still, I’m sure it’s wonderful. Thanks for the review!

    I’m excited about The Hobbit, but I haven’t read it in years. I’ll have to pick that one back up before I go see it.

    • anniecardi says:

      So glad you liked the book! I hope you enjoy the movie as well. So far everyone I’ve talked to whose read the books thinks it was at least a fair adaptation.

  2. Rhys C. Ethan says:

    Hunger games was fantastic because Suzanne Collins wrote the script of the film. That kept it faithful to the book and no matter the directorial and editing decision it stuck to the original story. I still remember what they did with Eragon and shiver…
    Personally I cant wait to see The Knife of Never Letting Go. It’s being produced by the same company as Hunger Games and its one of my favourite books. Also can’t wait for Catching fire next year.

    • anniecardi says:

      So glad Collins was one of the screenwriters. I’m sure it helped that she’s done screenwriting before, so the studio knew it could trust her with an adaptation. Not sure that would usually happen for even very successful authors.

      I didn’t know The Knife of Never Letting Go was being produced by the same company! I love that one, too. Really hope they do it justice.

  3. Stephanie Marie (@steph_marie03) says:

    I am SO EXCITED for the Hobbit. I unfortunately haven’t read the Hunger Games series or seen the movie yet, and I’m totally sure that I’ll love them, but I am so much more of a LOTR/Game of Thrones type fan… there’s just something about those worlds, kind of fantasy, kind of historical, and the costumes and the dialect. I just love it.

    • anniecardi says:

      Completely agree! Part of me really wants to wear tunics/dresses with bell sleeves, carry a big sword and go on adventures. (I did fencing in high school because of this.) And considering how good the LOTR movies were, I’m expecting a lot from The Hobbit.

      Please please please read The Hunger Games soon! They’re ridiculously good. I always claim I’m not into sci-fi, but this series is so arresting and the characters are so compelling.

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