Author Interview with John Green

Wait, it’s a video with John Green that’s not a vlog brothers video? Can’t wrap my brain around it. Great interview though!

I especially like John’s comments on creating moments that are a gift to the reader and thinking of their experience. It’s cliche to say that you should write the book you want to read, but I think it’s good to remember the future reading experience as you write.

Also, it sounds really silly but I was excited to see John interviewed here because it’s so normal to see him in other videos. I thought “Look at him! Just like a real person! He’s famous outside of my little world!” It’s like seeing your friend from high school get interviewed and act like a professional. Except John and I aren’t actually friends*.

*John, let me know if you want to be friends**.

**If you want to be enemies, that’s cool too. I am a cold and heartless nemesis.


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