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I don’t read a lot of graphic novels, but based on this list of suggestions it sounds like I should venture into those waters more often. One that looks especially cool:

For fans of young adult: ‘Friends With Boys‘ by Faith Erin Hicks (writer/artist). First Second, 2012. Softcover. Black & White. 224 pages. $15.99
An energetic and thoroughly engaging story about a teenage girl headed to high school after being home schooled her whole life. Though her three older brothers are already installed safely at high school, Maggie faces her own challenges, especially as their mother has recently vanished, with no sign of returning. With incredibly expressive art and vivid character design, Hicks’ story leaps off the page with its enthusiasm and sweetness, tinged (as all high school stories probably should be) with just enough darkness to keep things interesting. There’s also a supernatural element to Friends With Boys, and the way it resolves is decidedly unexpected and strengthens the book’s metaphors even more powerfully.

They know their target audience! Lots of other great suggestions, too.

What literary-leaning graphic novels would you suggest?

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  1. Samir says:

    I’d recommend Persepolis… a graphic novel memoir by an Iranian woman who writes about culture clash, repression, family bonds and a had life. It’s brilliant.

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