There Will Always Be Readers

There can be a lot of doom-and-gloom when it comes to the publishing/writing world. Articles claim that books are being killed by e-readers/Amazon/the internet/asteroids. But On her blog, agent Rachelle Gardner shares 6 reasons for writers to be optimistic. My favorite:

5. People still READ.
And now that everyone’s on the Internet all the time, people are reading more than ever. That means if you write words, chances are, you’ll find someone to read them.

Maybe things are changing for books. Maybe one day we’ll all have e-readers or chips implanted in our head that flash the words into our brains. But I think people will always want stories. In pretty much all of human history, we’ve shared stories–around campfires, on cave walls, on paper, online, etc. If you have a great story to share, people will probably want to read it.

What good thought keeps you going through the barrage of bad publishing news?

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