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Even though there’s still a lot of debate over the ebook, technology can be a very useful tool for writers. One recent example: well-known author Avi is launching a video contest for his novel City of Orphans. Details via readergirlz:

“Any teacher or librarian is eligible to submit a City of Orphans video for a student or classroom in fourth through ninth grade. Options include formats such as live action, documentary-style, readers’ theater, costumed theater, and book trailers; the format is not as important as the entrants’ demonstration of creativity and their interpretation of City of Orphans. An online voting process will help determine the winners, who will receive prizes ranging from an in-person visit and lunch with Avi (one Grand Prize) to Skype visits by Avi (nine Finalists). Five contest voters are eligible to win autographed copies of City of Orphans.”

Sounds like a cool project for a classroom or library group! I like that the video style is open, too; I think that will inspire a lot of different interpretations and allow readers to really have fun and explore their thoughts on the book. I haven’t read City of Orphans yet but it sounds like something I would have loved when I was younger.

Check out readergirlz and Avi’s page for more details.

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