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  1. quillpoweronline says:

    For a moment there I thought this article referred to David Foster-Wallace’s essay ‘Consider the Lobster’ that appeared in Gourmet magazine in 2004.

    He opens with “The enormous, pungent, and extremely well-marketed Maine Lobster Festival is held every late July in the state’s midcoast region, meaning the western side of Penobscot Bay, the nerve stem of Maine’s lobster industry.”

    On page 247, Foster-Wallace writes: “…the World’s Largest Lobster Cooker, which is highlighted as an attraction in the festival’s program, is right out there on the MLF’s north grounds for everyone to see. Try to imagine a Nebraska Beef Festival at which part of the festivities is watching trucks pull up and the live cattle get driven down the ramp and slaughtered right there on the World’s Largest Killing Floor or something — there’s no way.”

    As the title suggests, consider the lobster.

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