Sometimes English Majors Can Make Money

Most writers I know have some kind of day job, even if they’re generally successful. This means that we have to balance our writing careers with another career–you do the 9-5 thing and then go home and get to work. A step toward a full-time writing career can include freelance writing. It might not be writing the fiction/poetry/plays you want all day, but it still supports your skill. I’ve stumbled across magazine articles by YA writers like Megan McCafferty; for me, it was a great surprise and a nice reminder that even very successful authors branch out.

In case you’re thinking of going the freelance route, here are some very interesting articles about making writing a viable financial option. It requires a lot of work–maybe more so than a regular 9-5–but being able to say you’re a professional writer is kind of awesome.

Anyone have any freelance experience or suggestions? Feel free to share in the comments.

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