Links Galore

A few more links for Tuesday:

  • It’s No Name-Calling Week–a great opportunity to stand up to and recognize bullying around us. (Even “small” situations can really hurt.) Check out the resources available.
  • I always knew The Snowy Day was a lovely book, but I didn’t know it was the first full-color picture book to feature an African-American protagonist. Where have I been? (But I do like that it seems like the norm now.) Way to go, Keats!
  • Lucas Klauss offers some, ahem, helpful advice for writers. One gem: “Writing isn’t something you can get better at. Like a third nipple, a talent for writing is something you’re just born with, and I am lucky enough to have both.”
  • Tempted to forward this to my editorial friends so we can all laugh through our tears.
  • I was obsessed with Weetzie in high school, so a prequel can only make me want to wear fabulous sparkly dresses and combat boots in celebration.
  • Should we stop embracing geekdom?

0 thoughts on “Links Galore

  1. Madigan says:

    Thanks for the round-up!

    I liked #5 of Lucas Klauss’s advice best, “Always have easy, immediate access to the Internet while you write. How else are you supposed to get inspired? ”

    How, indeed!

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