Blazing Trail(ers)

When I first heard the term “book trailer” I was wary. We’re not making movies; why do we need trailers? But when I got to see some real examples, I was impressed by how much they can bring to a book’s release and how creative they can be.

Of course, book trailers don’t just appear, and I’m sure most writers don’t know how to put one together. Fortunately, Hazel Mitchell has put together a fantastic step-by-step guide for putting together your very own book trailer. I think this might work best for picture books, which have a lot of lovely illustrations already, but lots of helpful advice even for novelists. Check it out and put together your very own book trailer today!

0 thoughts on “Blazing Trail(ers)

  1. Mindy R says:

    I was skeptical about book trailers too. I don’t often seek them out, but when they find their way to me (via blogs or whatever) I usually end up thinking they are pretty cool.

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