Petition to Support School Libraries

From the The National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance:

“We ask that the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provide dedicated funding to help support effective school library programs. Such action will ensure more students have access to the resources and tools that constitute a 21st century learning environment. Reductions in school library programs are creating an ‘access gap’ between schools in wealthier communities versus those where there are high levels of poverty. All students should have an equal opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to learn, to participate, and to compete in today’s world.”

Sign the petition here. Right now there are only about 5,000 signatures and the petition needs about 15,000 more. So spread the word! School libraries are an essential part of literacy development and deserve our support.

0 thoughts on “Petition to Support School Libraries

  1. Ali B. says:

    Thank you for posting this petition on your blog. School libraries are important! School librarians too! I’ve shared the petition on facebook and on our school’s family page.

    Thank you! I’ll be stopping by again soon.

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