How Many Frequent Flyer Miles Would This Require?

I’m looking forward to going to my first SCBWI conference later this month. I’ve been to AWP before, but that veers to the literary fiction side and I also attended with my fellow grad students. I’ve heard fantastic things about the SCBWI conferences and I’m psyched to attend a weekend of kid lit-related events.

In case I get bitten by the conference-bug (and find a huge amount of expendable income), I’ve got this fantastic list of 2012 conferences over at A Fuse #8 Production. Lifetime goals? Hit the ALA conference, Comic Con, and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

What conferences or events are on your calendar this year?

0 thoughts on “How Many Frequent Flyer Miles Would This Require?

  1. Linda Gerber says:

    I went to SCBWI LA in August and it was outstanding. NY should be spectacular as well.

    My conference list this year is limited to those where I will be presenting – they cover travel costs! I’m happy it includes some warmer climates. *looks outside the window and shivers*

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