Tips and Tools for 2012

In case one of your resolutions is to be a more productive writer/illustrator this year, there’s no where better to get inspiration than Kathy Temean’s roundup of her Writing and Illustrating articles from 2011. A few I’ve dived into:

Now I just need to make sure I’m also doing actual writing and not just reading Kathy’s blog. Hope you get inspired for 2012 writing, too!



0 thoughts on “Tips and Tools for 2012

  1. kathytemean says:


    Now, I just need to find time to write and illustrating between doing the blog and running the New Jersey SCBWI chapter. I think we are all trying to squeeze into Cinderella’s shoe. We just have to find a shoe that fits. I think I will blog about tips that might help us fit more into our busy schedules and then try to follow my own tips.. Maybe we’ll bump into each other in NYC at the end of the month.


    • anniecardi says:

      I love the Cinderella’s shoe metaphor! I know there’s a lot more I can do to be more efficient, but reading blogs like yours is a real inspiration to get work done. Hope to see you in NYC!

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