Check It Out

Libraries are the best–free books, movies, games and music; cool events like readings and musical performances; helpful resources; free internet; meeting spaces; and more for patrons.

And of course, librarians are the coolest, like when they put together a fun Taylor Swift-inspired video all about how great libraries are. From the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library for National Library Week:

I already practically skip when I leave the library with an armful of books. Now I’m going to have to hold back from singing, “Check it out!”

Turning the Page for Library Support

An awesome video about the Toronto Public Library system and why it needs support.

I think most public libraries (or school libraries for that matter) could say the same. Every so often I see articles about how libraries are dying and how they’re not necessary anymore, but they continue to be a vital resource for their communities–for readers, for families, for educators, for students of all ages, etc. Now more than ever, we need our libraries.

(via bookshelves of doom)

You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

One reason I like blogging is that it’s an easy way to share all the awesome things you find online. Stumble across a cool article? Blog about it! Interesting infographic? Blog about it! Adorable hedgehog video? Oh you better blog about it!

But that means I don’t tend to post a lot about myself, and when I do it’s usually in relation to whatever article/infographic/video I’m posting about. I’ve also been wanting to get in on the world of vlogging, so I figured I’d combine the two issues into a first-ever, brand-new Q&A vlog post!

Which means I need your questions! Specifically, your questions that I might be able to answer. They can be writing-related, reading-related, life-related; they can be serious or silly; they can be easy or hard. A few examples to get you started:

  • What’s your favorite kind of cookie?
  • What’s on your summer reading list?
  • If you could have a superpower, which would it be?
  • What’s your writing process like?

Feel free to post your questions in the comments and I’ll answer as many as possible–which could really vary, depending on how the first video-creation experience goes. And if you don’t have any questions, I’ll have to talk about my favorite kind of cookie. (Who am I kidding? I’m just going to make a video about cookies.)

I’m on a Reblogging Spree

From Hank Green, a musical video about how great/crazy Tumblr is:

So…I still want to say it “gif” with a hard g. As in “reblog.”

At the January SCBWI conference, lots of people asked what Tumblr was and if they needed to be on there for their writerly platform. I don’t think you need to use any social media platform you don’t feel comfortable using, but I will argue that Tumblr is filled with Doctor Who and kittens and coffee and pretty pictures–aka, it’s a good time.

Feel free to scope out my Tumblr too!