Light the Candles

A little late, but check out this gorgeous trailer for Chanukah Lights by Michael J. Rosen and Robert Sabuda. A fantastic example of how artistic pop-ups can be!

Also make sure to check out this interview with Rosen about creating the book. One part I thought was interesting:

One funny accident: We were talking about the “desecration” of the Temple that’s used as the pivotal start of the Chanukah story. And we got all excited about a pop-up spread with columns crashing, oil barrels spilling, fires, and so forth. And then, coming back to my senses after the call, I remembered/realized that we let “desecration” turned into “destruction,” and that neither of the two destroyed Temples are in the this story. I shot Robert an e-mail: “At this point, the Syrians had basically taken over the Temple, erected an altar to Zeus, sacrificed pigs within its space, unsealed the oil containers, etc., but there’s no rubble to tumble and pop up. If scratch-and-sniff is an option, a bacon scent might be nice here.”

I’d always pictured “desecration” as “destruction” as well! It’s cool to see that kind of care with history and translation. And I have to admit, a bacon scratch-and-sniff would be hilarious.

Rock Star Fantasies

Confession: I like to imagine I could be in a band. When I’m alone in the apartment, I like to dance in front of the mirror and pretend I have actual musical talent. Until some fairy godmother grants that wish, I’ll stick to reading books about bands. Upcoming novel The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour sounds right up my alley. The trailer is really fun too!

Maybe I should start practicing my band hair now. (via Book Riot)