Printz Stats

While we’re gearing up for this year’s Printz Award, the Hub takes a look back on previous winners. Emily Calkins has put together some great stats like: authors by gender (pretty even split), debut winners (25%–more than I’d expected), and genre (mostly contemporary–heck yeah!).

One thing I was surprised to see: so far, no Printz winning novel has featured a LGBTQ protagonist. There’s been other diversity in protagonists, which is great, but I feel like this is one aspect of YA lit that could get a little more recognition. Or maybe it’s indicative of the percentage of LGBTQ narrators in the general in general–maybe we just need more of these narrators for teens. (Of course, I’d also like to see an LGBTQ narrator whose story isn’t necessarily defined by his/her sexual identity. We need those stories, too.)

Click through to check out all the Printz stats. What are you most/least surprised about?