The Wait Is Over: NPR’s Top 100 Novels for Teens

The results are in! NPR collected suggestions, tallied votes, and have compiled the top 100 best ever YA novels. Okay, so I’d still argue that books like Harry Potterand Anne of Green Gables aren’t exactly YA, but it’s a giant reading list of awesome. It’s hard to argue against that. Still, a couple of quick thoughts:

  • Not at all surprised to see Harry Potter topping the list. I think this series will be beloved for a long time, and it connects with readers of all ages.
  • I think Speak should be higher than #26. It’s stunning and a necessary read.
  • Really surprised to see My Sister’s Keeper above #50. I don’t think of that as YA at all.
  • Really surprised not to see more M.T. Anderson on the list. Dude is a genius.

Scanning through, there are still a bunch I haven’t read. Might have to take this on as a long-term reading project.

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