Another YA-Inspired Movie to Love: Tiger Eyes

Judy Blume was the queen of YA before YA was even a thing. So it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that this trailer for Tiger Eyes looks awesome. Blume co-wrote the script with her son, who’s also directing, so it seems like the project is in good hands.

Tiger Eyes – Trailer from Tashmoo Productions on Vimeo.

Apparently the movie opens nationally in early June, but so far I can’t find more info on specific release locations. Very much hoping that it’ll be playing in New England!

(via Jezebel)

Are You There, Oscar?

Don’t know who to root for on Oscar night? Judy Blume is here to help. Along with being one of the most famous MG/YA authors ever, she’s also a huge movie fan. The New York Times talks with Blume about her picks. For major awards, she’s pulling for The Artist, which I haven’t seen yet but sounds fantastic. The only point on which I have to disagree with Blume is The Tree of Life, which she thought was pretentious and I really enjoyed. It’s not necessarily a movie I’d watch over and over, but I thought it was a compelling look at how we form memories as children and how insignificant personal struggles are amid the universe.

Blume also talks a little about what she’s working on now:

Q. Is it a young adult novel or is it for adults?
A. I don’t know, it’s one or the other. It’s probably both. It’s too soon to know. Did you see that thing with Maurice Sendak and Stephen Colbert, it’s on YouTube. [Bagger’s note: It is really worth watching. Especially when they get to the marker-sniffing.] Colbert says something about, ‘So did you always know you were going to write for children?,’ and Sendak says: “Write for children? I just write, and they decide where it should go.” I will have to decide, but I’m on a first draft of an intricate novel, it’s a complicated story for me to tell.
Glad to see another writer who sees their work for children as just a natural part of the creative process, not a major deliberate choice.
Who are you cheering for at this year’s Oscars?