December 16th is Jane Austen Day

Happy Jane Austen Day, everyone!

I’m a big Jane Austen fan. I’ve read her novels. In college, I took a class that consisted entirely of Austen and Woolf. I own all the recent Masterpiece adaptations and watch them so regularly that my husband likes to joke about it. I love adaptations like the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I own two Austen-related clothing items (holla Team Laconia) and two Austen-related toys for my desk. I know what JASNA stands for.

It would be easy to think that Austen’s novels are appealing because of the witty writing or the romantic plotlines or the historical interest. But what I find really appealing is the humanity of her stories. Austen’s heroines often deal with harsh realities like poverty or being branded a slut or having to marry outside of their control or being manipulated by cruel family members or realizing their own mistakes and hoping for forgiveness. These are all issues that are so human and so relevant for contemporary readers. This is why I think Austen’s work is so lasting–along with the romance and the wit are very real pains and anxieties and challenges.

This December 16th, I’m excited to celebrate one of my favorite authors. Grab a copy of Persuasion or Northanger Abbey, or settle in for the BBC Pride and Prejudice adaptation, or put on your Laconia t-shirt and share your enthusiasm for Jane!

A Little Tea If You Please

Kind of love these descriptions from the Jane Austen Tea Series. For example, Mr. Knightley’s Reserve:

“An Earl Grey that is true and balanced. The Bergamot is smooth and steady. A tea to depend on and love more with each passing cup!”

I might be the target audience for this tea, but their marketing is just so fun.

In case you’re even more in the target audience, check out this article on the Jane Austen Society of North America’s recent gathering in New York. These people know their literature and can put together a historically accurate costume. Rock on.