Pulling Back the Covers

You need to check out Kate Hart’s post about YA covers from 2011. Awesome graphics and information.

She also takes a good look at minority representation on covers. Not surprisingly, there’s barely any. Also:

“But hey! Only about 6.6% of our girls appear to be dead this year! Which is… still more than our POC representation! But only 1% are actively drowning! So… that’s… kind of a win?”

Curious to see if dead girls still dominate in 2012 and 2013. And can filigree maintain its hold as hottest cover design element?

Thanks to Kate for such an awesome resource!

Creator of the Mockingjay

It’s hard to imagine The Hunger Games without that iconic mockingjay pin image. But, as with most cover art, I didn’t know exactly who created this image. Turns out it’s Tim O’Brien, artist and professor of illustration at University of the Arts. About the image, he says:

“It’s elegant because of the way the wings are displayed…The head bowed is a less proud position. He is turned back into the circle.”

It’s interesting to think of that description as a reflection of Katniss and the Districts of Panem. There’s a combination of strength and acquiescence, and the potential for sudden movement.

Make sure to click through for more about O’Brien and his illustration.

(image: The Hunger Games Wiki)