Readers, Start Your Engines: the 48 Hour Book Challenge Starting Line

Okay, so I should have written this post a few hours ago, but joining the 48 Hour Book Challenge was kind of a last minute decision and I wanted to dive in. I’ve seen the event online for the last couple of years but other activities always got in the way. But not this year!

photoStart time: July 7, 8:30pm

Update #1:

  • 3 hours total reading time
  • 365 total pages read
  • 2 cups of tea consumed

The Books

Review #1: I started with The Moon and More because it’s my most recent purchase and I was hooked when I started in line at Sarah Dessen’s reading. Lots of great stuff in this one. I think Dessen handles the various relationships really well, and touches on a lot of the complicated emotions leading up to college. Emaline is a likable and relatable narrator, and the minor characters shine. I especially liked that Emaline’s family situation is a little complicated; their relationships felt very genuine. One minor issue–I didn’t quite understand how Ivy could afford the most expensive beachfront rental property, especially when shooting on location. Even major award-wining documentary filmmakers aren’t exactly rolling in it. (But that’s probably just because I used to be a film department front-desker.) Overall I think this is a must-read for Dessen fans and anyone looking for a summer beach book with a lot of heart and honesty.