Update #2: 48 Hour Book Challenge of 2014

I had writing group this morning, so reading started a little later, but it was filled with feels.

photo (4)Update #2

  • 1 hour reading time (3 hours total)
  • 211 pages read (496 pages total)
  • 1 cup of iced coffee

The Books

Review #2A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban has been on my shelves for a while, and holy cow why didn’t I read this little gem sooner? It’s full of humor and heart and makes me remember that time of life when things are changing on you and it’s hard to keep up and you’re just starting to navigate the world on your own. Zoe is hilarious and so relatable; her parents are so real and sad and loving; and Wheeler is a surprise delight. It builds beautifully and is so fair to all of its characters, while still touching on real sadness. A charming middle grade book.

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